Do You Forgive Your Spouse After A Midlife Crisis. How?

A decent percentage of the wives who I hear from have a husband who they suspect is dealing with a midlife crisis. Yes, some of the men are younger than the stereotypical age you’d expect. But many wives can’t help but notice that they are dealing with a husband who suddenly rejects the very things […]

How To Rebuild Your Marriage After A Separation

By: Leslie Cane:  I sometimes hear from wives who are both happy, relieved, reluctant, and worried all at the same time.  They are happy because it appears that their husband might be considering coming back to them or at least “trying again” after the separation.   But, they are worried because they know that the marriage has […]

Marriage Separation Do’s And Don’ts: What Not To Do (And Do) When You’re Separated And Want To Save Your Marriage

I often hear from people (usually wives) who are going through a separation (or considering one) and want the whole process to be over as soon as possible so that they can save their marriages.  Many agreed to the separation because they saw no other way.  It was clear that their husband was dead set on […]

Will Giving My Husband Space Make Things Worse?

By: Leslie Cane: “Giving a husband space” is a regular topic in the emails that I receive.  Many wives are on the receiving end of such a request from a husband who says he needs to “work out his feelings” or “time to sort things out.”  And I would have to say that many of […]

Does My Separated Husband Enjoy Being Single?

Many newly-separated wives imagine that their husband is now living the life of a college frat boy.  You know that stereotype – the kid who is suddenly free from the watchful eye of his parents, so he’s living it up, high on his freedom and lack of responsibility.   Maybe that’s a very unfortunate mental […]

How To Act When Your Husband Says The Marriage Is Over When You Don’t Want It To End?

I often hear from wives whose husbands have recently told them that the marriage is over.  Many are still reeling from this conversation and are sort of walking around in a state of shock.   And many most certainly do not agree with this assessment because the marriage is certainly not anywhere near being over for […]

Should I Write A Letter To My Husband Before The Separation?

Many women are quite understandably very reluctant about their trial separation. I find that, at least when I consider the people who reach out to me, most of the time it is the husbands who want to separate and the wives who want to save their marriage. There are exceptions, of course. And this is […]

How To Make Your Marriage Good Again When Your Husband Says He’s Not Happy Anymore?

By: Leslie Cane:  I often hear from wives who are trying to return their marriage back to a good place after their husband has been hinting or saying directly that he’s just not happy anymore. The wife often doesn’t know where or how to begin but she knows that she has to do something soon […]

We’re Separated But I Can’t Stop Loving My Husband. What Can I Do?

By: Leslie Cane: A good deal of the correspondence that I get comes from wives who are going through a separation with their husbands. Many are struggling a great deal. Most tell me that they still love their husbands, no matter what the state of their marriage is or how their husband is acting at […]

What’s The Best Way To Make A Husband Miss You And Want To Come Home?

By: Leslie Cane: Of all of the strategies that I’m asked about by wives attempting to lure their husbands back home, making him miss you so much that he can’t wait to return is the most common.  Wives often aren’t sure quite how to pull this off without appearing too desperate or obvious.  I heard […]